Founded in 2008 by Rajesh Tiwari, a former banker and a fund manager, Chanakya Capital Services Private Limited (CCSPL) is a portfolio management company.

Chanakya strengthened its senior capabilities, when Gautami Desai, a former fund manager with Unit Trust of India (UTI) came on board in 2008 as Business Partner.


Investment Philosophy

CCSPL’s investment philosophy is derived from decades of experience in researching and investing in companies. The sum and substance of CCSPL’s investment philosophy is articulated here.

Investment Approach

CCSPL likes companies where the 'Service' element is a unique differentiator. To the investment team of CCSPL, the term 'Service' has many connotations and it is not limited to Customer Service alone.

The People behind Chanakya

Chanakya Capital In Numbers

companies researched

500 500 +/

    management meetings

    2000 2000 +/

      credit appraisals

      2000 2000 +/

        portfolio Managed (INR cr)

        2000 5500 +/

          Credit Approval (INR cr)

          2000 100000 +/

            What we look for in a company

            ``We invest in companies where we feel like asking for a job `` - Rajesh Tiwari

            difference from others


            Of making profitable Investments

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            Deep Understanding

            Of debt and equity market in India .

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            Better Insight

            Unparalleled understanding of Indian Financial Institutions .

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            Marquee Past Associations

            of Chanakya Team with UTI, Axis Bank and Ruane Cunniff & Goldfarb

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