Investment Process

Letting numbers do the talking about the DNA of our investee companies

  • We are students of the mind of the management.

  • Our focus is on cash flow of companies – weaving qualitative aspects of business into discounted cash flow valuation.

  • We do not invest in a company if there  is insufficient margin of safety, no matter how much ‘ great’ it seems on the  outside.

  • Return on our investment portfolio comes from:

    • Depth of research

    • Thorough methodology of arriving at our investment decisions

  • Hard research-based conviction when market is yet  to discover the true potential of a stock

  • Our strong focus on ground research ensures we  get 360-degree view of the company and thereby  minimize judgement errors.

✔ ✔ ✔ Outcome:

  • Keep money safe and generate return in the long term – creating wealth for you and your family.
  • Robustness of values and business model ensures long-term performance of our investee companies.

What we don’t do:

Invest in a company which short-change minority investors or made other financial/ governance transgressions.